Honeymoon Albums

12 Jul

I posted two albums from our honeymoon on Flickr.  Click the pictures or links to view photos of our adventures in Normandy and Paris!

Honeymoon: Part 1
Honeymoon: Part 1

Honeymoon: Part 2
Honeymoon: Part 2

Wedding Recap!

9 Jun

Our photographer took 795 pictures and there are a million little details that I won’t be able cover here, but this is a teeny little taste of what happened at our wedding…

We got ready.

We got pretty.

We were surrounded by friends.

We vowed.

We kissed.

We ate.

We toasted.

We danced with our parents.

Everyone else danced too.  A lot.

And then we were married.

The end.

We are married!!

3 Jun

Hello All!

We are married and our wedding was awesome.  Everything came together into this beautiful wonderful thing and I couldn’t be happier with how it went!  Also, we are married because of it, which is pretty cool.

Our amazing photographer has all of our pictures ready so I should receive them in the mail in about a week and I can provide you with a photo-filled recap.  After that, there will be a honeymoon recap.  After that, I guess this website has pretty much fulfilled its purpose, but we’ll keep it around for posterity.

If you’d like to purchase any prints or an album, please let me know and I will send you a link to the online gallery. Here’s a preview of some of our wedding pics on Channing’s blog.


After Party

16 May

Want to keep the party going all night long?  Brian and I aren’t very big party animals, but if you find yourself in need of some extra entertainment on our wedding night, here is a list of some cool bars near CMAC and Kendall Square.  Remember, bars in Boston may stay open until 2am but the subway closes several hours earlier.  Call a cab if you need to: Yellow Cab of Cambridge, (617) 492-0500.

Close to CMAC:

Courtside Karaoke offers typical bar grub and karaoke til 1am.

A world-class art collection, art themed specialty cocktails, and a patio along the Charles make ArtBar the perfect place to unwind in the evening.  Open until 12:30am.

Close to the Marriott:

MC2 is named for it’s proximity to a certain institute of technology.  Located in the Marriott lobby and open til midnight, this is likely where Brian and I will end our evening.

With over 100 beers on tap, you’re sure to find something you like at Meadhall.  Right across the street from the Marriott and open til 1am.

Characters Bar & Grill is a classic bar with a couple of coin-operated pool tables, a free popcorn machine, and Big Buck Hunter.

In Technology Square, (about a 7 minute walk from the hotel):

The Friendly Toast is a quirky diner-by-day, bar-by night.  A spiked hot cocoa or a funky (Red Bull?) milkshake can help you finish your night off right.  Open til 1am.

Shoot a game of pool at Flat Top Johnny’s, also open til 1am.  Lots of beer and late night snacks, like nachos, pretzels, and hummus.

Sleek and retro, Think Tank is a bistroteque with an Asian inspired menu.  Open til 2am.

A little farther away:

Lord Hobo is a bit of a hike from Kendall, but it’s a hip new bar with swanky food and funky cocktails (The Soylent Green and the Sloppy Possum to name a few).  You were gonna call a cab anyway, right?  Open til 2am.

Wedding Map

11 May

On the Places page, there is now an interactive map of our wedding event! (Much more fun than the picture above.)

I hope it helps you navigate through Boston!

10 Days until Our Wedding

11 May

That is all.


8 May

If you happen to find yourself in Boston on May 21 and need something to do during the day, you should check out Boston’s annual Earthfest.  This “free festival is a celebration for the Earth, showcasing national and local music acts, environmentally friendly products and local non-profit environmental organizations,” says its website.

The concert is the highlight of the festival and this year it features Atomic Tom, OK Go and other great bands.  There are a ton of awesome sponsors, so expect free snacks and drinks and lots of fun.  Here’s an interactive map so you can see what’s going on and where.  The concert begins at noon and takes place in the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade (an outdoor concert space in a long park that runs along the Charles River).  This is the same place that Bostoners flock to every year on the 4th of July for fireworks and a patriotic symphony performance.  Having a picnic or a run along the Esplanade is a typical Bostonian summer activity.

Just don’t stay too long.  You have somewhere important to be that night!

Spotlight on Kori

17 Apr

Maybe you thought I had forgotten all about these “Spotlight” posts, but that is not the case,  I’ve just been preoccupied with the many other wedding details and decisions along the way.  I still think it’s important to recognize the awesome people in our wedding party, so today the “spotlight” is on Kori.

My friendship with Kori began when I was dating Brian and she was dating his then-roommate, now-best man, Ryan.  It started with the occasional dinner or game night with the boys, but eventually I realized that Kori is an incredibly sweet, easygoing person and we became friends in our own right.

Kori has been a patient sounding board for me whenever I get overwhelmed with the wedding details.  Also, because she is located in Boston, she has had the unfortunate pleasure of being the girl I constantly call to accompany me on nearly every wedding related task.  Kori and Ryan also got engaged recently, so she has been very understanding about the “wedding-on-the-brain” phenomena.  I am so glad to have Kori as a friend and bridesmaid and I can’t wait to be in her wedding next year.

Dessert Buffet: Take Two

13 Apr

Remember when I said I was going to run all around Boston in the days before the wedding on a quest for the perfect desserts?  Well, that idea came and went and moved on to greener pastures.  Instead, I’ve decided on a plan that is potentially more work, but vastly less costly and a whole lot of fun.

While I was home for my Bridal Weekend, miss Maid-of-Honor Jessica convinced me that it would be fun to DIY the dessert buffet.  She made it sound so easy- just make the desserts whenever I have the time and freeze them until a few days before the wedding.  It didn’t take that much convincing, since I am enjoying all of these little details (and because I have been mildly obsessed with the idea of making some of the food for my wedding ever since I saw this).

Over the past few days I have been enlisting some dessert buffet assistance.  It has actually been pretty easy to find people willing to whip up a batch of bite-sized something.  One of my bridesmaids will be making chocolate cracked cookies (which is perfect because powdered sugar feels so wedding-y to me.)  My soon-to-be sister-in-law will be making elegant white chocolate bark and Brian’s favorite peanut butter balls.  I plan to make pecan tassies and lemon squares à la my talented baking grandmothers.  My soon-to-be mother-in-law has pledged to make something as well, though she is still deciding what that will be.  I wonder who else I can involve in my scheming…  (Imagine me tapping my finger tips together menacingly like Dr. Evil.)

I’m making at least four of these, so I need to fill them up!

Bridal Weekend

11 Apr

The weekend before last was my big bridal weekend.  It was an amazing and special weekend.  I recently heard that my mom still tells people I’m shy, but I have to admit, I kind of enjoyed being the center of attention!

I won’t get too into the bachelorette party here, but I can tell you that it was a lot of fun!  In summary, there was confetti… and straws in the shape of male genitalia… and wine… and some very dear friends:

(Pictures by Jessica.)

My bridal shower was a classier affair.  It was a beautiful day in Huntington Harbor and the decor was so gorgeous.  (I notice these things more now that I’m planning a wedding, but it would have been pretty hard to miss.)

It was wonderful to get to spend some time with many of the (incredibly generous!) ladies that may not be able to attend our wedding because of its long distance from California and our decision to keep the guest list small.  It was also a good photo op, since everyone looked so pretty!

I felt so warm and loved at the end of the weekend.  Thank you to everyone who participated and who made it so special for me!