34. Café Sushi: Sushi that inspires soliloquy.


There were a few Boston 50 restaurants that I marked in my mind as good places to go with friends. Most places on the list are a bit spendy and a fair few are for special occasions only, but there are a handful of places that seem low key, affordable, and fun. There’s a barbecue joint in Fenway, and a friendly, delicious Chinese food truck-turned brick and mortar. There’s also one pizza place and this humble little sushi spot.

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6. Sarma: A Mid-East feast.


The second restaurant my family tried over Thanksgiving was Sarma and it was a hit! Sarma is a meze bar, which means a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern small plates restaurant. There were 7 of us, and by the end of the meal, everyone was full and happy. The day after, when I brought it up, Mr. B simply said, “The food last night was really good.” You’ve probably figured out by now that from him, that’s a rave review! Of the handful of “top” restaurants I’ve tried thus far, this one was the first one that really stood out and I can’t wait to return.

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26. Rialto: In a word, underwhelming


The holiday are here and that means gift shopping, caroling gigs, tree decorating and lots of other wonderful time-consuming things. You might think the Best of Boston endeavors have slipped a bit, but that’s not entirely true! After our double “Inlawpalooza” of a Thanksgiving, I managed to cram in a two-fer of top Boston restaurants with my family. Unfortunately, the one I’m about to tell you about would not make it on my Top 50 List. It wouldn’t even make it on my Top Restaurants of Harvard Square list, which admittedly, has some stiff competition.

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