One Thing at a Time

I’m still drinking tea every morning and last weekend, I relistened to that podcast. I might listen to it again this weekend. It speaks to me.

There are so many concepts that stick in my mind, that feel so relevant, even on repetition. I want to share them here and reflect on them.

Here is one:

In order to fully experience something, to do that thing well and completely, to feel satisfied with it and to imprint it in your memory, you have to do one thing at a time.

I am terrible at this.

My phone comes out. I skim a social media app. I go back to my writing task. I get interrupted by a nurse. I get a page. I look at my watch. It’s been 25 minutes. I’ve written one sentence, made a plan I can’t keep, and forgotten most of what’s happened and now I have to start over. Or shift gears. Or finish something.

I have been working on this (she said, face buried in her phone as she commuted home). Because absent half-spent time is lost time. And life rushes on ever faster. And soon your aging self says to herself, “What did I do with this life? Where did it go?” How disappointing that would be.

One thing at a time. One experience. One moment. Mindful. Present. Grateful. Real.

It’s very hard to do. I have been working on this.

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