Residual Warmth

This morning’s tea time was all about the sun. I sat outside and saw it rise over the houses that surround mine. I felt its warmth on my face and its searing gold light through closed eyes. And I was grateful for a million little things, but most of all, the sun.

Here is something I wrote yesterday:

Each morning, when I take my last sip of tea, I feel the residual warmth of the teacup and I think; How lovely it is that I will carry this moment of peace into my day, just as this teacup carries warmth to my hands after the tea has gone.

It is the fifth day, and I think it will be a good one.

2 thoughts on “Residual Warmth

  1. I love the ritual you are creating. It is amazing to me how much alike we are. I took several classes at Canyon Ranch and the one that resonated with me most was called Rituals for Restoration. I loved a few rituals in particular that you seem to be doing. They were wake up and watch the sun rise, gratitude walk, and meditation. I can send you the notes if you like. I had my tea this morning and enjoyed the outdoors. I am glad you found something for you that has a positive effect. We all need these things for our own well being.

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