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Last weekend, I fell down the blog rabbit hole. It may not look like much is different on the outside, but for me, every tweak to this website is a learning experience. Posts can take hours, between the photo editing, uploading, and tagging, and the post writing and reading and re-reading…


At work I’ve been learning to let the little things go; to be faster; to be, if not perfect, then good enough. And to be okay with that. I’m trying to apply the same principles here so that I can put less into this space and get more out of it. Because I like what I have here.


Here is what I’m thinking about right now:

– I recently read this post about cooking as an affirmation and an expression of love. I’ve been actively addressing this concept as I plan an upcoming party with a limited amount of time. Not cooking everything feels like a failure, which, upon reflection, seems a bit silly. I’m trying to lower my standards for myself to a reasonable level, because in the end, I know everyone will still be happy.

– I’m super excited for the photography class that I’m taking next month. Get ready for lots of new, exciting photos and posts (I hope)!

– I’m getting back into my Boston Top 50 restaurants project. There are two new reviews on the horizon. Hopefully they will be up by the end of this week.

– I’m taking a day off next week as a birthday present to myself. I’ve never take a “personal day” from work before and I’m kind of excited! I will be mostly shopping and cooking for the previously mentioned party, but I’m hoping for a little relaxation too. Do you ever take random days off from work? What do you do for yourself on those days?

– The photos in this post are from a fundraiser I sang at last weekend. It was a random, last minute situation, where a friend of a friend asked me to fill in for the missing member of a girl trio. The event was a dessert tasting with wine pairings in support of a friend of a friend of a friend, who is running the Boston Marathon this year. It was wonderful to get to sing in such a relaxed setting and for a good cause. And I got to meet a whole bunch of lovely people that I would have otherwise never known. Life! Am I right?

This post was cobbled together on the subway, and the stairs at work, and oh-so-briefly before I packed my lunch this morning and I’m not even gonna sweat it! And I’m not gonna re-read it! (Well… probably.) Here’s to embracing imperfection!

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