New Camera: X100T


In early December, I finally bought the camera I have been lusting after for a year. I hemmed, I hawed, I rented it (twice), then I bit the bullet.


It’s been almost 8 years since I bought my first (and only) serious digital camera. For a long time, I have been looking for a high quality digital camera that would give me all of the manual control of my dSLR in a compact size – something I could carry with me everywhere, all the time. For a while I wasn’t sure it existed but it does. And it’s really freaking pretty.



I bought the Fujifilm X100T after I found out that I might be taking a last-minute trip to Europe this month. I’m so excited to take it with me and spend more time diving into this new relationship.



In the meantime, between my new camera and this amazing book I got for Christmas, I’ve already been completely inspired to take and share more pictures. I’m fairly pleased with these photos that I took in New York, although I was definitely still learning about the camera as I went along.

Rockerfeller Center

One thing I’m really trying to focus on, is getting the shot right in camera, so I can spend less time editing and more time sharing. It’s a crutch of mine and it will be a long process to improve, but I’m excited to try.

You can find the rest of my New York street photos on Flickr.

And look out for those Europe pictures, coming soon!


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