London: A Different Sort of Nice

Selfridge's Food Hall

My second time in London was nice because I didn’t have a big to do list. I checked off most of the major tourist sites back in 2009 while I was studying abroad in Europe, so this time I got to take a deeper dive.

Borough Market

That meant wandering through new neighborhoods and seeing how they connect; meandering through free museums for twenty minutes or two hours; eating street food and curry and Ottolenghi dinners instead of fish and chips.

I love seeing new places, but going back is a different sort of nice. Especially in London. I really really like London.

Millenium Bridge

London feels familiar, like an elegant relative of Boston (which I suppose it is) and the shared language makes it easy to navigate. It’s clean and efficient, but stately, and old enough that the roads sometimes tumble in silly meandering ways.


Although I was enchanted, the trip was not without it’s bumps. Mr. B caught a nasty stomach bug, so some of my adventuring was done alone or with a new friend. And when Mr. B was feeling a little better, we kept things slow and relaxed for a few days, so he didn’t get worn out. Fast may be my usual pace, but going slow is okay too. Going slow is a different sort of nice.

Tate Modern

I also got to spend precious lovely moments getting better acquainted with my new camera. I know that building our relationship will take time and time and more, but it is a good camera and mostly intuitive, so I am pleased.

As always, you can find more photos from London in the January 2015 album on Flickr. Enjoy!

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