Two Tomato Sandwich

I was having lunch with a friend last night and as our forks began to slow over a pile of delicious Indian food, I was describing a few of the odd leftover-based concoctions I’ve made for myself when Brian is out of town. She asked me, “Do you ever post stuff like that on your blog?” I figured, why shouldn’t I post about whatever I happen to be eating? It’s not like I’ve been posting anything else lately!


Although I do have a fridge full of leftovers and Brian is out of town this weekend, I didn’t eat any of that for lunch. Because today I was singing with my a cappella group at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and I was surrounded by beautiful veggies and I couldn’t help but be inspired.


It was our last non-holiday gig of the season and it was a perfect autumn day. It started out crisp and cool, but the sun came out to warm us as we sang. And in an homage to the end of summer, which finally seems to be loosening its grip on New England, I purchased a glorious yellow heirloom tomato and some local raw blue cheese. And then I made a sandwich.

The sandwich contained (from top to bottom):

Bread (top)
My favorite pesto
Yellow heirloom tomato
Slow roasted cherry tomatoes
Blue cheese
Basil leaves
Bread (bottom)

And it was good.

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