Spring Return

I have been feeling so compelled to blog lately. I even started a post recently entitled “Food Is Personal.” I was going to include pictures from the Food Photography class I took a few weeks ago, but the post felt rambly and pointless and the pictures weren’t that great and I was having trouble uploading them (with the new Flickr format), so the post remains a draft, likely never to see the light of blog.

Instead I’m here with an equally rambly post saying that I’d like to come back here soon, to think in this space. I’ve been thinking a lot about food and spirituality and home, not necessarily in that order. I’ve been stockpiling a list of products that I love and would love to share. I totally changed my eating habits 2 weeks ago and I’d love to chat about that and tell you where it takes me.

I am currently on my way to work and sometimes that seems to be the thing that sucks up 95% of my time and energy, but truly there are a million other things I’d like to tell you about.

I’ll be back soon.

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