Instagram: Photo a Day


If you’re wondering what I’m up to lately… well it’s mostly work.  I tend to work long hours because I’m still learning.  I’ve also had some complicated and sad patients lately that leave me emotionally drained.  Once I get home, it’s difficult for me to find the energy for much of anything besides making dinner, petting Kitty, and catching up on a TV show or two.


I do consistently make dinner though, with the help of this adorable chalkboard I got from Zulily.  I plan all the meals for the week and do the grocery shopping on Sundays.  On my commute home, I tell Mr. B to turn on the oven or start chopping something.  There’s no way I would be able to cook even half as much if I didn’t do this kind of planning!  It’s been a total lifesaver.


I’ve also been singing with my a cappella group every week, meeting with my Cooking Club once a month, working on some little projects at home, and enjoying a few fun activities with Mr. B.  If you’re interested in more frequent updates, I’ve been doing this #photoaday thing on Instagram.  The plan is to post one picture on Instagram every day for a year. So far, I’ve been having a lot of fun finding images to share.  Check it out!


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