A Kitty, a Pixie, and a Grill

So much is going on these days!  I finally finished school and my master’s degree was officially conferred yesterday.



In family news, Mr. B and I welcomed a new addition about two and a half months ago.  If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen plenty of her, but this is Isabel.


In style news, I cut off all my hair.


In home news, we got a grill and I am seriously obsessed.  Dinner has never been easier or more delicious.  I pull together some marinated meat and whatever fruit or vegetables look fresh and we are good to go.  We had a big housewarming party last month and the grill definitely upped the ante on my pollo asado and chimichurri beef.


Also, I finally got around to editing a batch of Thailand photos!  Check them out on Flickr.


In travel news, this August I went up to coastal Maine with Mr. B’s family, then the Hamptons with some of my family, then a Labor Day campout in another part of Maine.


Today I am in Portland, visiting my sister.  Tomorrow I will head down to Southern California and in a few days Mr. B will join me for a friend’s wedding.  Then we have a whirlwind of small travel plans, a second wedding, and I’ll finally start my full time job.


Life: It’s happening!

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