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If you’ve been on my Flickr lately, you know I just uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures.  They show my birthday surprise at the Taste of South Boston, a friend’s bridal shower, and of course, Bermuda.

Two weeks ago, I also had the chance to show one of my high school friends around Boston for the first time.  Showing off Boston to newcomers is one of my favorite things to do, especially in the spring.  It reminds me why I fell deeply in love with this city.

It was a wonderful spring weekend to visit.  The sun was shining with a crisp breeze in the air.  The tulips were blooming in the garden.  The growing memorial on Boylston radiated the city’s pain, pride, and strength.  Haymarket was bustling.  Harvard Square was buzzing with MayFair festivities.  The Somerville Open Studios let us tour converted warehouses and sun dappled home-studios and peek in on a different kind of life.  My candlepin bowling skills were as mediocre as ever.

It was a truly beautiful weekend in Boston.  Check out more pics on Flickr.



Emma Bowls

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