B at the Beach

In March, Brian & I went to Bermuda to take advantage of my last Spring Break before I finish school.  (That’s in 85 days, by the way, not that I’m counting.)  Bermuda was beautiful and relaxing, but also a little strange.  It’s a tiny island and you can explore all the main areas in just a few days.  The food is very expensive and the locals are very friendly.


Bermuda’s two main industries are international business and tourism so it’s hard to get a sense of the local culture.  It’s kind of hard to explain, but it almost felt a little like Disneyland, with a distinct and beautiful look, but an oddly commercial and international feel.


In terms of relaxation, Bermuda was a great choice.  It was easy to navigate the islands by bus and our hotel room was right on the beach, overlooking the amazing teal water.  We explored a cave, enjoyed the aquarium, and drank the obligatory rum swizzle.

You can find more pictures of our trip on Flickr.

Me in Cave



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