Boston Organics: April 20


A few weeks ago, I started our Boston Organics deliveries back up. We only get the smallest box every other week, but I love cooking with my organic food, especially now that I’m on break for a few weeks. I’ve been working on updating my No-List and really making this box work for us.  Inspired by a friend from college, I wanted to share how I’ve been doing using our box.


This week, our box contained 1 apple, 3 bananas, 3 beets, 2 green bell peppers, 1 lb. carrots, 2 kiwis, 3 red onions, 2 blood oranges, 1 pear, 3 sweet potatoes, and 1 bunch of kale.


I promptly roasted the beets for future beet & goat cheese salads. The bell peppers turned into stuffed peppers for tonight’s dinner, filled with kale, carrots, and red onion from the basket as well as barley, mushrooms, zucchini, and ground beef. Two of the sweet potatoes, I baked into delicious spiced french fries, which were a cinch to make. I also used some red onion on the accompanying burger. (I end up putting the red onion in everything, just like I usually would a yellow onion.)

We generally have a lot of trouble using all the fruit because Mr. B isn’t a big snacker, so I end up freezing a lot of it to make healthy smoothies for myself. I try to fill these with a good combo of fruits and veggies so they are packed with lots of vitamins, not just lots of sugar. The one pictured above had kale, cucumber, carrot, kiwi, banana, and pineapple juice. I don’t know if it sounds it, but it was delicious! I am dubious about the health benefits of nutitional supplements, but occasionally I toss some wheat germ in my smoothies too.


I’m only 3 days into this box and I’ve already used up most of the veggies! If I keep this up, I may need to switch up to a weekly box or maybe a slightly bigger one with 2/3 veggies and 1/3 fruit. I can’t wait until we start getting fresh herbs and berries in the coming months.  Yum!

One thought on “Boston Organics: April 20

  1. After you graduate we may have to hire you to do our cooking. Your food is so healthy and nice looking.
    Not that Mom is a bad cook. I’m just saying…

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