Yume Wo Katare


“Yume Wo Katare” means “Tell me your dreams,” in Japanese.  It is also the name of a tiny ramen shop that opened a few months ago in Porter Square.  It only seats 16 diners in a pinch with one large communal table and a six seat bar.  It also only serves two dishes – ramen and ramen with extra pork.  Boston has been obsessed with ramen for some time now, so Yume Wo Katare has a constant line down the block.

Last night I finally  braved the wintery mix and 30 degree temperatures to try it out myself.  The line was sort of long, but not terribly.  I brought a book and amused myself for a while.  After an hour, I was pleased at how comfortable and distracted I was.  There were still 20 people ahead of me, but I had committed enough time that I wasn’t giving up now.  (It was the sunk-cost fallacy, I know…)  After another half hour, my fingers were numb inside my gloves so I could no longer hold my book and my toes were not much better off.  My total wait time from street corner to seat was two hours, almost to the minute.

Everyone I’ve told this story to asks me if it was worth it.  I will say that this ramen was unlike any I’ve ever had.  The noodles were thick and flat with a perfect chewy bite.  The broth was fatty and unbelievably rich.  The first bite of pork was complex and smoky and sweet.  It was wonderfully comforting to dig into that massive steaming bowl of ramen after all that time in the cold.  On the other hand, I won’t be waiting in that line again anytime soon.  The memory of the desperate chill I felt ensures it.  I would happily return for more delicious ramen, but only when the weather warms up and hopefully with some good company to share the long wait with me.

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