“Rural Meets Metro”

Katrina & Me

Today I came across a mini editorial called Rural Meets Metro and I think it reflects my experiences in my speech-language pathology placements to some degree.

Last semester, I was placed at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, MA.  Much like the author in the article, we did pretty much everything.  We saw children with autism and articulation delays and adults with aphasia and voice disorders.  We saw late talkers and outpatients with swallowing complaints and on and on.  We also went into the hospital twice a week to work with inpatients.  Anyone with any disorder might walk through our door, so we had to get good at everything!  As a student, it was an amazing experience and a challenging one.

Starting in January, I will be placed at Mass General Hospital.  It is an enormous, highly-ranked hospital in the heart of Boston and the kind of work SLPs do there is specialized, just like the “big city” practice mentioned in the article.  At MGH I will be exclusively learning about adult inpatient dysphagia.  I’m not sure how much I will be able to write about it, but it seems like it will be very different from my experience in Beverly.  I’m sure in its own way, it will also be wonderful and challenging.

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