Les Miserables

Mr. B and I saw the new Les Miserables movie this afternoon.  It is a musical I love and know well.  I even performed in it one summer almost a decade ago.  As a devotee, I noticed the many subtle lyric and plot changes, but I didn’t mind them.  In my opinion, Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway gave award winning performances.  I had a few minor issues with casting, symbolism, and the like.  (In particular, I found the Eddie Redmayne’s voice quality hideously distracting.)  Overall I think it must have been incredibly difficult to adapt this musical to film and I found it satisfying and a bit cathartic.  Here is an interview with Tom Hooper that explains some of his choices.

Now that we’ve seen it, Mr. B is unfortunately being bombarded with a constant one woman rendition of “One Day More.”  This is normally a large group number, so it’s actually kind of impressive as a solo number.  Well, in my head anyway…

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