Day 5

Spinning Yarn

I had a bunch of blog things to catch up on over the last few days, but I think I’m all caught up now.  I’m hoping this is where this NaBloPoMo thing gets interesting.  If I have to write something every day, maybe I’ll stop telling you what I’ve been doing and start telling you what I’m thinking and feeling… or maybe not.  My sister told me back in August that I “keep things close to the vest.”

On the “what I’ve been doing” front, it’s mainly been a lot of Christmas shopping, cooking, catching up on my to do list, and watching Downton Abbey.  Also repeatedly checking to see if my grades are posted.  Today I finished a fun project that I’d really like to share with you, but it’s a Christmas gift for one of my readers and I don’t want to give up the surprise.  Maybe on Day 13 or 14, I can show you, after said gift has been received.

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