Apple Cider Caramels

Caramel Wrapping Station

Do you call it “car-mel” or “car-a-mel?”  I go back and forth.  I think for me, the flavor is “car-mel” but the candies are “car-a-mels.”

This week I made these wonderful Apple Cider “Car-a-mels” to give as Christmas gifts and they are very very good.  I tend to be my own worst critic when it comes to baking, but I could barely find a fault with these delicious, sweet, soft caramels with an intense apple flavor.  I didn’t even give them all away because I wanted to keep a few for Mr. B and me.  If you need a last minute hostess gift or stocking stuffer, they are terribly easy to make.  The hardest part is rolling them individually in parchment paper and trying not to eat them all while you do!

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