Thailand: Night 13 & Day 14, Bangkok

Written at some time on some day, somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.


I’m in the midst of my 37 hour journey home and this is the last day-to-day Thailand blog post. I’m hoping I will have time to do a wrap up post of the trip at some point to discuss some of the observations I made along the way, but I’ll have to see how I feel when the jet lag sets in.


For our last night in Bangkok we splurged on a slightly nicer hotel. Throughout the trip we spent between $20-30/night and the extra few dollars were worth it one night for the extra comfy beds (two pillows!) and lovely international breakfast buffet. After we got in from Koh Samui, we went to a night market on Soi 38 off of Chatuchak Road for dinner. We had some cold and mediocre Khao Mon Gai (Chicken with rice) and some amazingly delicious pork soup with both super crispy pork and slices of savory barbecue pork. Jess noted that at first it always seemed too hot for soup but by the end of the trip we were eating it for almost every meal, even breakfast at one point! It’s a sure fire way to guarantee your food is steaming (and therefore hopefully not harboring any pesky bacteria) and it just tastes dang good. Plus it was raining those last days in Bangkok so soup seemed right. We finished it off with some mango sticky rice.


The next day we woke up very early to catch a minibus out of town so that we could check off one final Thailand activity: a floating market. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a situation where we knew we were getting the full-on inauthentic tourist experience, but there wasn’t a lot we could do to change it except bargain down to a cheaper price. The market experience was dimmed a bit, but we still had fun and felt we would have regretted it had we decided not to go. Plus we ate soup in a boat that was made in another boat!


After the market, we sought an elusive souvenir that evaded us yet again, thanks to the tight security at the Grand Palace. Next we went to a crazy mall with an airport theme. Each floor represented a different country. For some reason, London was menswear and San Francisco was the food court… For dinner, we decided our last meal should be a sure thing so we returned to Soi 38 for more excellent pork soup, Ba Mi (a similar pork and noodle dish with crispy wontons) and a mediocre version of my favorite Thai noodle dish, Pad Si Ew.


We had some time before we needed to be at the airport so we each got one last Thai massage. My masseuse was more intense this time, which was a bit too much for me. She actually stood on me and at one point and put all of her weight on me in various ways. I only have one more hour on this flight (where the Korean flight attendants call everyone “Sir” regardless of gender) and then just over 10 hours until I’m home!

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