Thailand: Day 9 & 10, Ko Lanta


Written on Sept. 3 at 12:30pm.

We were determined not to miss the only ferry to Ko Lanta so we got up early, ate some breakfast, bought Jessica some crutches, and walked to the pier. I meant to get a picture of me carrying my camera bag, my suitcase, Jessica’s backpack, and Jessica’s souvenir bag, but we were both kind of busy just managing our respective burdens.


The ferry ride was quick and Jess got the taxi hustlers to shave 100 baht off our ride to the hotel. Once there, we met up with one of Jessica’s former co-workers who is traveling through Asia for two months with his wife. (Check out her blog!) The following two days were extremely relaxing, mainly involving swimming in the hotel pool and playing with the large amphibian population residing there, riding around on rented motorcycles for $5/day, scoping out nearby beaches, and trying to find signs of life on the mostly deserted island.


On our second day in Ko Lanta, we decided to take a snorkeling tour of some nearby islands. Along with four other tourists, we boarded a wooden longtail boat and took to the water. We snorkeled in two different areas and the visibility was decent, although most of my photos came out just okay. Our guides threw a few pieces of watermelon rind into the water to attract the sea life so we were constantly surrounded by little yellow fish with black stripes and blue fins. After snorkeling, we lunched on a quiet little beach, which is the moment my underwater camera decided to stop working.


Following lunch, the highlight of the tour was a visit to the Emerald Cave, which is a small cave, visible in the water at the base of a limestone cliff. The guide led us into the cave, and was aptly named because the water near the entrance glowed a brilliant shimmering green. The cave was actually a long cavernous pathway, and we nervously followed our guide through the darkness as he illuminated bits of rock with his flashlight. After a few minutes, we caught a glimpse of light. The natural tunnel, carved by water, led to an amazing circular lagoon that was surrounded on all sides by towering cliffs covered in vines and jungle greenery. The lagoon contained a small shallow beach with the finest powdery white sand you can imagine. It felt like a secret prehistoric world. I only wish I had had a working camera so that I could share it with you.


Now we are leaving the Andaman Coast so we can see what the gulf coast has in store for us. Koh Samui awaits, then a little more time in Bangkok, then we head home.

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