The “In Defense of Food” Diet

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m an extremely productive procrastinator. That’s why my website suddenly looks different even though finals are coming up this week. (Oops!) I have a lot more I want to do to this website, but after hours of futzing today, I need to go back to… not procrastinating.  I think the rest of the changes may have to wait a few weeks.

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The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I quit Weight Watchers today. I did WW for a year up to and through my wedding and it worked great. On our one year anniversary, I realized that I was right back where I started so I re-subscribed. I wasn’t as motivated this second time around and even though I lost 10 pounds over the first two months, I found myself slipping and cheating and feeling generally unsatisfied with the whole thing… and then I read In Defense of Food.

Over the last two weeks, I have tried to eat by Michael Pollans rules: “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” I’ve been eating more salads and less bread. In Maine I ate more seafood and less other meat. I’ve been even more deliberate that usual in avoiding processed foods. But most importantly, I’ve been trying to eat less. The book helped me realize that I have always relied on external cues to tell me when to stop eating – the plate is empty, the “4 point” serving is gone, lunch time is over – but I need to rely on internal cues.

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I have been imperfect in this “plan,” eating sweets and crackers on occasion. I was a little worried that, yet again, I would find myself back at the high weight that got me concerned about my health in the first place. Except I wasn’t. When I got on the scale today, I realized that I had lost a few more pounds! This validation of my efforts made me feel like a lifestyle change is actually within my reach, even without an app or a monthly fee.

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