Thailand: Night 1, Bangkok


This evening, although we really wanted to sleep, we forced ourselves to get some dinner first.


In the evening, many Thais like to go to a local bar/restaurant in small groups and order a bottle of whiskey or rum. All evening they mix their bottle of liquor with soda water or Coke (or both) and sip it while occasionally taking small bites of food. Based on my observations tonight, bar snacks can cover a pretty wide range, including nuts, street cart kebabs, dried squid, tempura, and french fries.


After green papaya salad (som tum) with incredibly salty eggs, spicy green curry chicken fried rice, and one Thai beer apiece, we walked over to Khaosan Road.


That place is wild! It’s the main hangout for backpackers and is completely jam packed with bars, neon, massages, tattoo parlors, and any Thai product you could ever want to buy. During our tour earlier today, we learned how to say “No thank you,” which was pretty useful tonight as every vendor tried to catch our eye.

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