Thailand: Day 7, Chiang Mai Part 2

Written Aug. 31 at 10:30am.


Driving a motorcycle feels slightly safer in Thailand than in the US because it is an extremely common form of transportation here. It’s normal to see three or more people on a motorcycle or parents riding with a very small helmetless child. Once I even saw two people carrying home some wire shelving units between them on their bike. On the plus side, highways have motorcycle lanes and cars always know to look out for and pass motorcycles with a wide berth. Thais generally treat street lanes as a very flexible concept and would certainly never use a turn signal to change lanes. This is a bit scary as a passenger, but it does require the driver to be alert to his/her surroundings which is slightly reassuring. Seat belts and helmets are treated as a gentle suggestion here.


After the relaxing lunch at the lake, we rode to Mae Sa waterfall. I was able to climb through the jungle along the stony stairs and up through many levels of this waterfall. Jessica had to stay at the bottom to rest her swollen, bruised foot.


When we got back from our scooter adventure, we had a few hours before our flight to Phuket so we decided to go to the hospital. The hospital was very efficient and Jessica was wheeled around by orderlies from place to place. Within an hour and a half she had been consulted, x-rayed, bandaged up and given a prescription. We payed just under $80 and we were out the door. And the verdict was… she had fractured her foot!


In spite of the pain, Jess was a trooper today. We flew to Phuket late last night and slept in this morning. Hopefully the rest is helping her foot a little because this afternoon we will take a ferry to Ko Lanta and there is an underground cave there that desperately needs our attention and exploration!

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