Thailand: Day 1, Bangkok


My sister and I arrived in Thailand late last night. Our hotel is nice and we ended up getting a better deal than expected on the room at the last minute. Today we met up with a friend of a friend of Jessica and his wife took us all around town. We did a ton of traveling around different parts of Bangkok and although we didn’t really get our bearings, we did get to ride the Metro, the Sky Train, a river boat, a cab, a mini bus, and a tuk tuk. So at least we are slightly less clueless about how to use each of those things…


We started the day at a few markets. Even though it wasn’t the weekend, we stopped by Chatuchak Weekend Market. Many stalls were setting up and they weren’t about to turn away a customer, even an untimely one, so we were able to browse the endless corridors and buy a few essentials (like a hat for me). Next we visited Or Tor Kor Market, a huge building full of produce and fish sellers.


At the produce market, we tried two kinds of durian, both of which were surprisingly un-smelly. (It tasted like a banana crossed with an avocado.) We also tasted longchan, mangosteen, rombutan and a strange rice flour crepe filled with technicolor cotton candy strands. Having a local with us definitely made it easier to communicate with the vendors, but the amount and variety of new foods was a bit overwhelming.


Next we got some pad thai from a woman on a tiny street near a canal. She cooked it in a large wok, then wrapped each portion in waxed paper & a rubber band and we took it to go because we were headed to a traditional Thai puppet show. The show was at an artist’s village with a gallery of paintings and photography to admire. This activity was definitely a bit off the beaten path, and it was presented all in Thai so we didn’t understand much of the show, but it was still a neat experience.


After that we went to two temples, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Wat Arun has beautiful spires covered in ceramic mosaics. It has incredibly steep steps and we climbed as high as we could even though it was a perilous trip. Wat Pho contains the largest reclining buddah and the largest collection of buddah images in Thailand. The reclining buddah was enormous. It barely fit in the place! We also dropped coins into 180 buckets for good luck. Good thing 180 THB is only 6 bucks!


I think tonight we will head to Khaosan Road for dinner and whatever else we find there! After that, I can’t wait to get some more sleep!

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  1. Shaina, thank you for letting us share in your trip. It is all so “different” and truly foreign. Can’t wait for your next post.

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