Sunday Funday: Color Run 5K


On Sunday I ran in my first 5k.  However, this was no ordinary 5k- it was The Color Run.  Every kilometer along the race, we got pelted with a different colored powder and well, you can see the results above.

Color War

At the end of the race there was a big “color party” in which everyone had the chance to pelt each other with more color.  There was also food, music, and fun events like a slip & slide and alpine tubing.

Almost there!

On the running front, I felt okay.  I had to walk a few times during the race, especially at the tops of the big hills along the route.  My friend Meghan kept me moving and we finished in just over 35 minutes which is exactly the pace she was hoping for.  (Remember, we are still beginners!)


Afterwards, when I’d had a chance to stand still a bit, I felt great, like I could easily run some more.  When I think about marathoners, I feel like a wimp, but when I compare myself to myself, I’m proud of how far I’ve come.  When I started running semi-regularly, back in March, a 90 second interval felt exhausting.  Now, I can consistently run for 25 minutes straight.  For my next 5k, I don’t plan on taking any walking breaks!

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