Camping & Ziplining


Last weekend, we went camping and I was insistent that we change our standard camping menu.  Mr. B loves his meat and potatoes in a foil packet, but I can only handle ground beef about once a week and my quota was all tapped out due to some hamburgers for dinner a few days before.

Camp Fire

My campmate Kori suggested a riff on the original packets by including (non-ground) beef, pineapple, and teriyaki sauce.  We also had a bunch of chopped veggies (carrots, onion, bell pepper, potato, mushrooms) for everyone to include to their personal preferences.  Her suggestion turned out perfectly.  I was culinarily satisfied and very full.

Ryan & Kori

Kori pre-cooked some white rice, which we mixed with the packets when they were still extremely hot.  This had the dual effect of cooling the packets and heating the rice to edible temperatures.

Cooking Dinner

The packets did puff up a bit when we put them on the coals, due to the boiling liquid inside, so we poked a few small holes in them after flipping to avoid explosions and the loss of our dinner.  We also grilled some corn as a totally unnecessary but very tasty side dish.

Teriyaki Foil Packet

Camping was following by ziplining, which included two half-mile long zips across a huge valley.  Unfortunately, the cheap toy camera I brought to document the adventure broke after only one shot – another film camera snafu to add to the list– so there are no pictures of us in our harnesses flying through the air.  However, there are a few more pictures of our camping trip in my June & July set on Flickr.

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