I tried Crossfit last Tuesday.  I was right in my prediction.  It hurt.

The weight lifting part was a lot of fun, even though as a newbie, I only did a bunch of squats with 20lbs on the bar.  The Workout of the Day (WOD), however was killer.  I cheated a little on the first set and I was still panting furiously and my body felt dazed and sluggish afterward, like I was in shock.  All in all though, I thought I was okay.  As I hobbled sorely through the next day, I was ready to sign up for a month at the Crossfit gym.  I was ready to put in the work until it all came easier to me.

Then Thursday came around and the pain was much worse.  I couldn’t go up or down stairs.  Putting weight on my bent knees (e.g. to sit or stand) was agony.  But worst of all, I couldn’t straighten my arms, and they shook and throbbed whenever I tried.  With some Googling, I discovered that this condition is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, affectionately known as “dino arms.”  I looked and felt ridiculous.  I did almost nothing all day until Mr. B took me to Beauty and the Beast that night.  (I liked the show, but the stairs were a struggle!)

I managed to run through the pain on Friday (useless dino arms and all) and today I am almost back to myself.  I kind of liked the challenge of Crossfit and a tiny part of me wants to try it again.  However, the rest of me is pretty sure that with the workout to recovery ratio, I can’t afford to.

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  1. That sounds like a very intense workout. Not sure if it would be beneficial or if you would end up with permanent injuries.

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