Happy Memorial Day!


This weekend was a fun one.  On Friday night we had some people over to teach them one of my favorite games, Dominion.  On Saturday we relaxed and I cleaned out my closet, then watched the Memorial Day parade right outside our apartment.

Hilarious Mini Trucks

My favorite part of the parade was the Aleppo Shriners.  They had funny hats and tiny trucks, just big enough to fit one driver in the cab.  They were driving around like crazy people- honking and turning.  It made me laugh.  I also briefly attended a barbeque with my brother on Sunday night.


Today we played disc golf with some friends and had a picnic lunch and got too much sun.


Tomorrow, I’m trying Crossfit for the first time.  I expect it to hurt.  People seem to really love it though, which I suppose could happen to me.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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