I’m Back


I am done with school for the semester and feeling proud of my work so far this year.  I spent the past few days in New York visiting friends, which was wonderful and delicious and inspiring.  Several things about it also made me appreciate my home all the more.  (Witnessing public urination and a fight in the street were among them.)  I deeply love visiting though.

Great Show

Whenever I have a day with no plans, I tend to feel useless and detached.  I need a schedule to keep me focused, which is one reason I can’t wait to be a working person.  When I’m busy, I make long lists of  things I’d like to do/see/cook when I eventually have the time, but when I get that time, I get lazy and bored.  I’m working on this.

Nuts 4 Nuts

Since yesterday (the true start of my vacation), I started writing for myself again.  I also made a delicious risotto and caught up on some tv shows.  Today I am hoping to be a bit more ambitious.  One thing detracting from this mission is the amazing Humans of New York blog.  It’s pure magic.  Check it out.


With my free time, I’ve decided to try cooking some lighter dinners for Mr. B to see if he complains.  Tonight will feature a pancetta and leek quiche and some lightly dressed arugula.  Okay- I’m off to run errands and do laundry and clean the apartment.  Or maybe instead, I’ll just watch tv…  : )

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