Cruise Recap

PelicanDuring my Spring Break, B & I went on a Western Caribbean cruise.  This was our second cruise together on Princess and it was very very relaxing.

DSC_0425We had no phones or internet, which was pretty great and I did my best to avoid thinking about school and anything else stressful.  I finished a sort of strange book, played a lot of bingo, and ate some nice meals.  The stage shows were awful and the service was excellent.  Several of our excursions were cancelled due to rain, but the replacements weren’t half bad.

PortHowever, as with our last cruise, the traveler in me was a bit disappointed.  I knew I would only have a short time at each port, so I was prepared for the fact that I wouldn’t truly get to experience Honduras or Belize, but this time was worse than I remembered.

Tied UpFour year ago, the ports were silly and full of shopping, but we meandered right out of there and into a more rugged and real part of Jamaica.  This time, in several of the cities we were boxed into the perfect little shopping areas/fake beaches by security guards. In others we were too isolated from everything else to bother leaving.

RappellingWe did do a fair amount of driving to get to our excursions, so at least we got to see a bit of something real from the bus windows.  Honduras was especially interesting and Belize was having an election that day so there were people dressed in red and blue all over the place.

UsOverall, I appreciated the relaxation and the amazing activities like seeing Mayan ruins, zip lining, and meeting a baby monkey.  In the future, I won’t take a cruise o a place that I really want to experience culturally and culinarily, but I would cruise again in the right circumstances.

ViewYou can find the rest of my cruise pictures and our full itinerary on Flickr.

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