24-by-24: Final Check-In

My birthday is tomorrow, so it’s about time to wrap this puppy up!  I did a bunch of things on my 24-by-24 list and I didn’t do a bunch of others.  I also did and made a lot of other cool stuff that I didn’t anticipate a year ago.  Since my list was really more like 35 things (and making ranch dressing from scratch, hosting a classy party, and ziplining through the jungle weren’t among them), I’m not particularly disappointed in my lack of progress.  It was nice to cross things off and it’s nice to have things to aspire to.  If I do this next year, I will try to keep it to the actual number of things.  None of this 3-in-1 business!


  • Make at least 3 2 1 new kinds of popsicles in my Zuko (Strawberry Banana Yogurt Popsicle, Cranberry Orange Popsicle)
  • Make breads from scratch: challah, ciabatta, bagels
  • Make creme brulee from scratch (attempted recently but I can’t get my torch to work yet!)
  • Make mayonnaise from scratch
  • Make key lime pie from scratch
  • Make a loaded cheesecake from scratch (with candy of some sort)
  • Make veggie paella from scratch (and finally use my saffron)
  • Make at least 3 kinds of macarons from scratch
  • Learn how to hard boil and soft boil eggs perfectly (Learned to poach perfectly!  Does that count?)
  • Make Christmas cookies to swap this year (I did make the Yule Log this year.)
  • Keep buying lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (Used Boston Organics for a while.)


  • Finish all of the wedding thank you notes
  • Send birthday cards to family members on birthdays/holidays (Sort of a fail.  I always call though!)
  • Attend at least 3 2 1 foodie/blogger/Yelp/Meet-Up events (Yelpers at Storyville. Boston Brunchers at Baker’s Best.)
  • Find a special way to make this first year of marriage totally awesome! (If not totally awesome, definitely pretty great.)


  • Run a 5k (In training!)
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Figure out how to embrace my naturally wavy hair so that it looks nice day-to-day (I tried…)


  • Go Camping (Went camping in Bear Brook Park, NH)
  • Go Kayaking (Tried on the cruise but it got cancelled.)
  • Go to at least 3 festivals (1. MoS Let’s Talk About Food Festival, 2. ArtBeat Festival, 3. St. Patrick’s Day Festivities in Davis)
  • Try for all A’s my first semester of grad school.
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Combine all of my blogs

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