Meatless Monday & Pinterest


I’d really like to start doing Meatless Mondays in our home.  I don’t think it would be terribly hard to do and I’ve been trying to make less of an impact with our food purchases lately.  This seems like another step in the right direction.  The big wrench in the plan is that I’m at school from 8am-8pm on Mondays, so this will have to start as a solo mission.  I can bring B into the fold over the summer, I suppose.  Our local Farmer’s Market opens in May and I can’t wait!


I constantly struggle to prepare food that is healthy, budget-friendly and earth-friendly, all with the limited time that life allows.  Some crazy weeks, I’m just happy if B and I can sit down to dinner together at home 3 nights a week- even if it’s Chinese take-out or hot dogs and Kraft mac and cheese.

Pinterest has a wealth of ideas on the subject.  Perhaps over my break in April I can put together a bunch of freezer meals…  Hey!  Have you seen my Pinterest page yet?  I’ve been using it to organize and bookmark all of my favorite recipes and, well, there are a lot of them!!  Check it out!

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