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I love to be able too cook and eat dinner with Mr. B. In fact, it’s a big priority for me. But last semester I had a lot of late nights at school, so Mr. B was often left to fend for himself with Chipotle, Spike’s, and his favorite meal: take-out pizza. This semester, my schedule is looking to have a few less late nights, but there are still times where I will come home late-ish and tired.  For those days, I like to have a couple of frozen meals in the freezer so Mr. B can have dinner ready by the time I get home.


In an ideal world, I would have the time to make these dinners in advance, like Friday night’s Chicken Pot Pie.  In the real world, I try to find the least processed looking stuff I can at the grocery store or Trader Joe’s and we make do with that.

I was excited when, last week, BzzAgent sent me an invitation to a frozen pizza campaign.  (BzzAgent is a company that sends out samples of products in exchange for honest feedback and a promise to share your opinions with friends.)  Usually I find frozen pizzas a bit disappointing, but I’m always up for trying new quick dinner options!  I’ll let you know what I think about Dr. Oetker’s Ristorante Pizza when it arrives.

What are your favorite quick and easy meals for late nights?

One thought on “BzzAgent: Ristorante Pizza

  1. Try this sometime for something light, healthy and delicious. This one might just work for you but maybe B will try it:
    Pancakes Serves 1
    1/3 cup cottage cheese
    1/3 cup oatmeal
    1 egg white
    stevia if desired

    Mix in food processor until blended well, preferably a mini one. Cook in non stick pan on Medium at least 5 minutes on each side. Makes 2 large pancakes. Serve with berries and greek yogurt. They get crispy on the outside from the egg white. Don’t undercook or overcook so be mindful of the temperature since all stoves are not created equal. It is a favorite treat of mine.

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