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Happy New Year!!

We had a party again this year and I relied on Martha for most of my recipe ideas.  As much as I love cheese, I made it my mission to avoid a bread and cheese platter this year.  I wanted to get creative and try new things!

There were crudités with three kinds of dip.  There was an antipasto platter with homemade cheese straws, crackers, and baguette.  There were bite-sized treats and the guests brought even more food, booze, and desserts.

I’m not so much into the idea of the new year as a fresh start.  Why limit yourself to starting fresh once a year?  I think we should constantly be changing, improving, and motivating ourselves!  But the party was mellow and it was nice and I loved getting to plan it.  Even though they are never as grand and elegant as I imagine, planning parties is a favorite hobby of mine and this one was a good way to start the year.

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