Campfire Cooking


When Mr. B and I got married, one of the wedding gifts we were most excited for was a tent.


We like camping, but in order to do it, we used to drive 4.5 hours to Mr. B’s parents house.  I don’t think they minded that very much, but with a tent to call our very own, it makes camping a little more convenient.


Every time we go camping, I have these grand delusions of all of the wonderful campfire cooking I will do.


Instead, we always make hot dogs or Mr. B’s favorite foil-wrapped campfire dish- ground beef, vegetables, and lots and lots of butter.  It’s tasty, and a whole lot easier to plan and execute, but someday I hope to make salmon with lemon, garlic and tomatoes or something that requires a dutch oven.

Campfire Dinner

At least I always get to eat lots of s’mores!

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