Thank You

As I was sorting through old recipes, I came across this post from Molly Wizenberg’s blog in 2008 and I couldn’t help but appreciate the sentiment.

I have a confession to make. I haven’t finished writing the thank you notes for our wedding gifts. It has been nine months – nine months tomorrow – and though no one has been brave enough to confirm it, it is becoming quite clear that I am the worst bride ever. I wish someone had warned me about this when we got engaged. Maybe I would have held off on the wedding thing, or chosen a man who has legible handwriting. Instead, once all the fun stuff was over, the whole party part, I had 93 thank you notes to write. Ninety. Three. And as of today, I still have 18 more to go.

I am genuinely thankful – really, so thankful – but even gratitude has its limits. I would much rather gather all the people around one night, all the people we want to thank, and bake a big batch of cookies, make some lemonade, and climb up on a chair and thank them. That would be much better. We could even spike the lemonade with a healthy dose of vodka, so that they would understand that we were very, very grateful.

I love this.  I love it because I am so thankful and because I too have not finished the thank you notes.  It has been a little less than 5 months since our wedding, so I’m not as behind as Miss Orangette, but I did assign a small stack of thank yous to Mr. B last week and they are still sitting in the middle of the coffee table where I left them.  Your thank yous will arrive eventually if they haven’t yet, but until they do this is me saying thank you and I love you.  You’re the best.

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