Recipe Organization: Evernote

Recently I tweeted about organizing my recipe collection.  You see, I have found lots of interesting recipes over the years but instead of having one place to store them on my computer, I’ve got about nine.  And that doesn’t even include magazine clippings, cookbooks, and print-outs!

I didn’t get any responses to the tweet so I did a little digging on my own and found that everybody has a different organization method.  The one I decided to try is called Evernote.  This is not strictly a recipe program, but it is free at the basic level and looks rather nice, don’t you think?

What I really wanted was the ability to easily and consistently search through my recipes.  That way if I happen to get some yams in my Boston Organics delivery, I can easily pull up all of the yam recipes I’ve ever liked.  I can also link to the original website, sort recipes with tags (e.g. meal, ingredients, level of difficulty), and scan in pdfs, which Evernote can then read and incorporate into my searches.  (Perfect for those magazine clippings!)

I love that it syncs to my iPhone so I can pull it up at the store to make sure I have all of the ingredients I need.  So far Evernote seems to fit all of my recipe sorting needs.  The main drawback is that it will take me a long time to reorganize my many may recipes and put them in one place, but once I do, I think I will be happy I did!

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