Road Trip: Hoover Dam

I mentioned our trip to California a few weeks ago.  Let me tell you more about that…  My parents threw us a wedding party, and it was lovely and large.  There were more guests there than there were at our wedding, actually.  There was Italian food and music and schmoozing.  Here are a few pictures:

CA Reception CA Reception
CA Reception CA Reception

I’m not sure who took the pictures, but they ended up on my dad’s camera. (Thanks, mystery guest or guests!)  After our brief time in California, we spent a few days at my parents’ vacation house in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  We hung out on the lake, we water skiied, we rode the wave runner and the inner tube, and generally soaked up the sun.

DamIf you ever travel to Lake Havasu City, AZ you should eat at Angelina’s.  It is a fantastic Italian restaurant, possibly one of my favorites outside of Italy.  It’s so unassuming and unexpected out there in the middle of the desert but it’s delicious.  I promise.

Food & GiftsNext, on the itinerary was Las Vegas, but not without a couple of quick stops.  If you happen to find yourself driving from Lake Havasu to Las Vegas, you might be inclined to stop at Hoover Dam.  Although it’s not a hot culinary destination and although it may cause some bickering amongst your car-mates, if you stop there you’ll probably learn something about water power and the Great Depression.

GateIn spite of the bickering, we stopped and we learned things.  Even though I was on the nay side, it ended up being sort of okay because really, who doesn’t love a good dam joke?  Next stop: Vegas!

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