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In unrelated photo news, we took our nephews candlepin bowling.

In the Fall, I will be attending graduate school to earn my M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology.  I am so proud that I was admitted to my particular school because it is the only one in the area that specializes in the specialty I think I want to pursue- Voice Disorders.  As a singer and former performer, I’ve seen many of the conditions that are the result of a mistreated voice.  Through my SLP studies, I want to be able to help.

At my program, clinical work begins very early on (in two months, to be exact!) and a certain amount of observation is required before they’ll let us get our clumsy first-year hands on the clients.  I wanted to do real observation, not just watch a bunch of videos and I came across a company that seemed absolutely perfect for me.  It is a bunch of musician SLPs who treat voice disorders and give singing lessons.  Back in mid-June, I sent them an e-mail.

I heard back right away with some questions about me.  I responded promptly and then didn’t hear back for a while.  I sent a follow-up e-mail in early July, but still nothing.  In the past few weeks I sent out requests to 3 or 4 other practices, even though they didn’t entice my like my number one pick.  Then finally yesterday, I heard back from a different person at practice numero uno, and then I responded, and then I heard back!  As soon as I get back from various jaunts that are happening over the next few weeks, I will finally get to do some observation.

I know that was a long story with not much of a climax, but I AM PUMPED!!  I have been talking and thinking about this practice all summer.  Maybe if things go well, I can make a connection for one of my clinical placements or with a whole lot of luck, eventually get my dream job!!!

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