Davis Square Dinner

The other night we had some friends over for dinner.  This dinner was particularly fun because I didn’t have to go to the big chain grocery store to make it.  Almost every part of the meal was purchased right in our neighborhood, the lovely and charming Davis Square.

Davis Square is definitely eclectic, but there’s a bit of an emphasis on Italian food around here.  Between Sessa’s, Al Fresco, and Posto, there’s no shortage of Italian food or groceries so it’s not exactly a surprise that for our mini dinner party I chose to make spaghetti and meatballs.

Our meal included:

Fresh black pepper spaghetti from Dave’s Fresh Pasta.  This is an adorable little grocery store that makes awesome sandwiches and cuts fresh pasta to order.

Ground beef and ground pork from McKinnons Meat Market.  I love this local butcher shop.  It is extremely reasonable and I can trust its ground meat to be super fresh.

Tomato sauce which was neither homemade nor from Davis, but it was Bove’s brand from Mr. B’s home state of VT, which we almost always have in the pantry.

A loaf of olive oil rosemary bread from When Pigs Fly Breads.  This is actually a Maine based company, but they have a lovely little store in Davis.  Their bread samples make me happy.

Cucumbers from my Boston Organics delivery.  I had to provide a little bit of green goodness with this dinner.

A local feast!  I love living in this neighborhood and I hope you can see why!

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