Summer Squash Ideas

It’s definitely summer squash season.  It is only my second week of Boston Organics deliveries and I can already tell I need to get more creative with the stuff…

Usually I roast thinly sliced zucchini or summer squash in the oven until it’s crispy and we eat it as a side dish with a little chili garlic sauce or toss it in some pasta.  This can be challenging though because the line between crisp and burnt is pretty fine.  I’d like to find a recipe or a method that yields something not too mushy (for Mr. B), not too unhealthy (for me) and a bit more foolproof overall.  Right now I’m looking at Saveur’s Marinated Zucchini recipe and these oven chips as potential contenders.

What’s your favorite way to prepare summer squash?

2 thoughts on “Summer Squash Ideas

  1. Smitten kitchen has a tasty ratatouille that Tawny & I made with zucchini, squash, eggplant, and peppers. We served it over couscous with a little goat cheese on top… delicious. My personal fav is just to grill it up with some olive oil, sea salt, and cracked pepper, but I know you don’t have a patio to grill on.

    101 Cookbooks has a yummy looking Spinach & Zucchini soup ( but it may be too hot in Boston for that right now… if you want to keep on pickling, she has a recipe for quick pickled zucchini too.

  2. I actually prefer summer squash to zucchini. Call me stupid but I think it has more flavor. Alas….I usually put it into a foil packet with pepper and a little olive oil and then grill it until just tender. Not an option for everyone who doesn’t have an outside grill. You can also saute it on medium high heat with a little olive oil and pepper til brown but not mushy. Then sprinkle a little grated parmesan on the top when you serve it.

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