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The weekend before last, I went to New York City.  Some of the menu items included: two musicals, half a dozen friends, one family member, an enormously enormous turkey and pastrami sandwich (with coleslaw and swiss cheese) from Carnegie Deli, and a seat at the bar at one of my favorite New York restaurants, Cafe Fiorello.  Cafe Fiorello has an amazing antipasto bar that I crave every time I’m in the city.

But I’m not really here to talk about New York.  I’m actually here to tell you about my dinner tonight.  It was pretty simple and I didn’t bother to take a picture, but I did use one neat trick for the sauce.

I was craving pasta tonight but I wanted it to be light-ish and full of veggies.  First, I boiled my pasta.  Meanwhile, I threw some sun dried tomatoes (packed in oil) into a saucepan with about a cup of spinach, some shredded basil leaves, shitake mushrooms, and a clove of garlic.

When the pasta was almost ready I reserved some of the starchy pasta water.  And here’s the trick: I mixed a few tablespoons of the water with an ounce of herb goat cheese and stirred until it reached the consistency of cream.  I poured that over my pasta and veggies in lieu of oil or a cream sauce and I sprinkled it all with a little truffle salt and fresh ground pepper.  It was fresh and delicious with a heavenly truffle musk.

And about that truffle salt…  Do you remember when I posted about the Iron Foodie competition, a while back?  Well, I didn’t win, but I did get some amazing samples of some very fancy products from Marx Foods and the truffle salt was one of them.  I also got my hands on some coconut sugar, Camelina seeds, dried Porcini mushrooms, and a few precious saffron threads, which are crying out to be used in a veggie paella.  I think my next use for the truffle salt will be sprinkled over popcorn that was popped in bacon fat.  Devilish, no?

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  1. I purchased saffron threads once(very expensive) and made amazing paella with shrimp and chicken too… It was very good! Can’t wait to see a post of your veggie paella!

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