Fried Okra

I got this okra at my local butcher, which has a small produce section.  It was a little bit of an odd find, since okra is at its peak in the summer, but I was making a stew in the crock pot and this sticky pod is often used as a thickener for stews and gumbo.  Okra tastes a bit like zucchini, but it has these bitty little white seeds inside that keep their resistance even when cooked for 7-8 hours and are a great fiber-filled alternative to beans.  Great for the bean-haters who live here.  (That would be both of us.)

I didn’t use nearly enough of the okra in the stew so I decided to fry the rest as a side dish the next night.  I cut it into imprecise 1/3 inch slices and dredged it in cornmeal mixed with salt and pepper.  Next I fried it (without any of the excess cornmeal) in vegetable oil until it was light brown.  I let the oil drain off in a strainer then seasoned it with a hint more salt and pepper and served alongside some bbq chicken, rice and maple carrots.  It was nice to change up our routine a little bit and try something new.

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