Yesterday, I made a batch of this eggnog.  I was inspired by a stranger’s twitter post about aging eggnog for several months before drinking.  Apparently, aging eggnog helps the flavors meld and deepen.  I can’t vouch for it yet, but I’m already feeling ready for the holidays, so I gave it a try.

I’ve had eggnog once or twice before, but it was the grocery store carton variety and I don’t think I’ve ever put alcohol in it.  This recipe is probably about 1/3 alcohol, which, in my opinion, is A LOT!  This is the first time Mr. B and I have had any liquor in our “liquor cabinet” (that really hard to reach cabinet above the fridge) in the two months we’ve lived here.  If anyone reading this post is a big bourbon drinker, you’ll have to pay us a visit!

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