Reasons Why I am a Good/Bad Food Blogger

Reasons Why I am a Bad Food Blogger:

  • I don’t upload my pictures to my computer often.  This means that even when I cook a ton, I have nothing to post about and when I do eventually upload the pictures I am overwhelmed by the things I need to blog about.  (I thought that getting a desk would help.  It didn’t.)
  • I only go to the grocery store when I’m cooking for other people.  Mr. B counts.  Friends and family count.  But I don’t count.  When I’m cooking for myself, I tend to whip up something from nothing- some dried spaghetti with a sauce made from the last drops of wine in the bottle and the three wrinkly mushrooms at the back of the vegetable drawer and a nub of whatever cheese I happen to have around.  This is usually pretty tasty, but not very blog-worthy.
  • I can be a little bit of a perfectionist.  I come up with post ideas and make a draft, but never post them.  Not to say that the posts I actually post are perfect.  Just that many never enter the blogosphere.
  • I don’t use recipes.  This isn’t entirely true, but I have a tendency to wing it and not measure or take notes.  That makes it hard to share exactly what I did to make what I made.
  • I don’t like to repeat recipes too often.  Although we have standards in our house, I may only make them every two weeks or so.  This means that if they came out mediocre the first time, moderately good the second, pretty good the third, and dang awesome the fourth, it will take me two months to consider posting about them.  (And another two weeks to upload the pictures.  If I plan on editing them, don’t even get me started.)

Reasons Why I Could be a Good Food Blogger:

  • I cook often.  Less so, now that I am working a few nights a week, but often enough.
  • I use simple tools.  I do have a microplane which I think is fantastic and I recently acquired my grandma’s old fashioned bread maker, but other than that, I don’t get too fancy with tools or ingredients.  I make things that everyone can make.
  • I am passionate about food.  I am passionate about eating it, preparing it, learning about it.  I try to stay updated on the food news in the world and I try to eat locally and organically and all of that good stuff.  I suppose I could have a real message, if I decided to preach it.
  • My pictures are kind of nice.  I definitely want to keep improving my photography, but I think that it’s good enough to not turn away readers.

To remedy this imbalance in my blogworthy-ness (5-4), I have signed up for the Daring Cook’s Challenge.  I haven’t been accepted yet, but if I am I hope that I will be inspired by the monthly cooking challenges, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about them!!

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