Farmer’s Market Finds

The Copley Square Farmer’s Market is pretty fantastic.  Not only does it wrap around almost an entire city block, but it represents a wide variety of local vegetable and dairy farms, bread and pastry companies, fresh flowers growers, and more.  It is definitely the baddest market in town!

Today though, it was the best I’ve ever seen it.  I guess we’re just hitting that wonderful point in the weather and the season where every plant is yielding it’s most delightful food for us.  Especially tomatoes.  My favorite farmer’s stand was overflowing with crates of multicolor funked up heirlooms, incredibly tasty tiny yellow sunburst tomatoes (I got a sample), green tomatoes for frying, and probably a few other kinds too.

I bought two heirlooms, two gigantic ears of corn, some adorable fingerling potatoes (bottom right in a bag) and a summer squash.  That should get us through our next few dinners!

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