Kitchen Tools #1: Microplane

I love my microplane.  It was a gift from two of my old roommates (including the one that taught me how to make stroganoff).  At first I wasn’t sure what it was good for, but now I use it quite a bit, and I love it!

Not only is a microplane excellent at grating cheese and zesting citrus, but my very favorite use for it is grating nutmeg.  Fresh nutmeg is practically a life-changer in baked goods and sweets.  Yes, you can get the ground stuff and that’s all well and good, but freshly grated nutmeg, which looks a bit like wood shavings and smells oddly acidic like fresh paint, is truly fantastic. (If my odd description didn’t sell you, you’ll just have to try it yourself.)  I like to sprinkle some over my yogurt in the morning or toss a teaspoon or two into the egg wash of my french toast.  Anywhere cinnamon goes, its good buddy nutmeg can easily follow.  Just remember to keep it fresh and use your handy microplane sharp side down so that the shavings rest in the plane giving you great measurement control.

*Sorry about the stock photo.

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