White Lasagna

I was trying to change up our usual dinner routine a bit because food routines totally bore me, so I decided to take an old favorite and spin it a new way.  Mr. B was a little nervous, eying the yellow-ish brown puddle before it went into the oven and sarcastically quipping, “I love it when you make new things” but in the end, both of us were happy.

This Bechamel Lasagna is creamy but earthy.  The Marsala wine gives the bechamel sauce surprising depth.  You could swear there were mushrooms in it, and throwing some in wouldn’t hurt at all.  I added cooked ground spicy Italian sausage between the layers, which added a little kick as well as some protein to make this a solid main course.  Spinach would also be a good addition.

Assembly is a little strange because the sauce isn’t thick enough to really create a layer between the noodles, but trust that the oven will work its magic.  You won’t be disappointed.  You may have some extra bechamel- I did in my 9×9 pan- which is awesome because you can use it to dress up asparagus, green beans, or chicken another night of the week.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of decent pictures.  I dropped the ball on this one.

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