“Pop it in!”

I think the phrase “pop it in the oven” is really a funny one.  Whenever I say/write it, I imagine punting some food item football style into the oven.

Well, I just wanted to “pop in” and let you know that I will be out of town for a while.  Mr. B and I are taking a little road trip to celebrate our recent graduation.

These are some of the snacks I made for a wine tasting party we had recently.  The chocolate cake is one of my favorites cakes in the world.  I’ve mentioned it before, however, this is the first time I’ve turned the Winning Hearts and Minds Cake into scrumptious bite-size portions.  In mini muffin size, this recipe makes 44 joyous bites which bake for 19 minutes instead of the usual 25.

I also made bruschetta which is just bread dipped in olive oil then toasted in the oven and topped with a mix of basil, garlic, (more) olive oil, salt & pepper, and diced tomatoes without their seeds and goopy innards.  Fresh mozzarella is an optional addition.  So springy and delicious!!

Add some cheese, crackers, and fruit, and you will be ready to party too!

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